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War Child

Tan.Trum Biography

‘I knew it was going to take time, but I got there eventually’ says Ellis Powell-Bevan, the mastermind behind Tan.Trum. Ellis had been experimenting with different line ups as early as 2010. But it was Christmas Eve 2011 walking through Coventry City Centre, when then, 11 year old Ellis’s dream of performing live while still at a very young age was sparked into reality. With his parents, he stopped to watch a band of 14 year olds play live on a stage. After watching for over an hour he found out the bands’ name ‘The Prospects’ now called ‘The Commonjets’. The rest of Christmas was spent with Ellis creating a young band to perform with live.

‘Energetic’, ‘progressive’ and ‘playing well ahead of their years’; all these and more have been used to describe Warwickshire based three piece rock band Tan.Trum.  In their home town of Rugby, they’ve made much more than a stir and for the last 5 years have grown a true and committed following. From the early days of school halls, Tan.Trum progressed to pub gigs, summer fetes and The Rugby Town Shopping Centre.

They recorded their first original song ‘Wait For Me’, with the support of Jake Collins and Andy Walker, at the Avon Valley Studios in January 2014. In February 2016, the band worked hard at Kenny Young’s  ‘Lazy Moon Studio’ to record their ‘Revival’ EP. Produced by the legendary and  excellent Mike McGreal, the EP saw four classic Tan.Trum tracks recorded;Haunted’,  ‘Pieces of Eigh’t, Broken’ and ‘Saviour’.

Amongst and amidst all of this, the band hungered for live performances. They wanted to play bigger stages and before they knew where they were, it was happening. Their 50th gig saw them pack out the Midland’s award winning independent music venue, ‘The Vault’; they then played the Birmingham NEC Arena to critical acclaim; Coventry’s ‘Godiva Festival’ for two years running - 2014 and 2015; they were winners of a ‘Battle Of The Bands’ event at  the Warwick Arts Centre, 2016; they played venues such as the Zephyr Lounge in Leamington, The Arches and Kasbah in Coventry, supporting acts such as varied as the Glastonbury destined Go Primitive and the Coventry based Prophets. Well what to say? It goes without saying, they’ve gone from strength to strength. They’re not living the dream, they’re doing it…

In a blur, in the heady summer of 2016, it was back to the Birmingham NEC for the second time and then on to broadcast sessions for Coventry's Radio Plus. In September 2016 Tan.Trum were released to the masses on Brodie Swain’s BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Introducing Show. This was to be followed by an airing of Haunted on BBC introducing with thepromo video cited as the ‘BBC introducing Video of the week’. October 2016 saw the first network airing of Saviour, again, on BBC Introducing. In November 2016, Tan.Trum became The Moshville Times band of the day.

Thereafter, studio time called with work on the lyrics, music and composition of the new "TAK3E" EP. Produced, again, by the stellar Mike McGreal and mastered by Tom Waterman, this EP is already the talk of the town and, clearly, the airwaves.  Featuring four tracks; 1302InfatuationCritter and The Black, which is the subject of a just incredible video you have to see, the EP is selling quicker than snow in the Sahara!  

So here we have three youngsters, feted by Toby Jepson of Little Angels, Neville Staple of the Specials, Kate Thompson of the Prophets, Tom Nicholls of American Pie fame and the awesome Moshville Times; mentored by the amazing Andy Walker of B.A.M… This is a young band with a commanding live presence as is echoed its studio recordings.  All three have a talent for music, for performing live, song-writing and just sheer entertaining.

So let’s check in?! From these beginnings, it’s going to go somewhere. Hook in for the ride that is Tan.Trum... You won’t be disappointed…


Artist’s Info.

As soon as Ellis picked up a guitar he was hooked; at just three years old he was mastering basic chords and playing recognisable riffs. Then to have had some awesome guitar and band teachers: - Andy Walker, Andy Dove, Dannie Bailie and Ben Balsam. Ellis is always eager for new musical influences, he relentlessly pursues new bands and every week he is at the front of a music venue, checking out a new band. And more often than not, they get him up on stage – such as the worldwide renowned rock band Skid Row, just one of the artists Ellis has performed on stage live with. Incredible but true. But what’s more, Ellis’s musical skills are backed up by his knowledge of music technology... When not strutting the Tan.Trum stage, you’ll find him in the sound booth, mastering the sound or controlling the lighting. Now owning his own PA system he supplies the sound for local events and regularly sets up and controls the production and sound for both Genius Brothers and TAL-PA. With these crews he has stage tecked for bands such as Mallory Knox, We are The Ocean, Bury Tomorrow, Funeral For A Friend, Richie Ramone and The Quireboys. Ellis is a rare and extraordinary young man; ‘I don’t care how hard we have to work, but I’m going to keep pushing, keep learning, till we get to where we want to be’.

Drummer Louis comes from a musical family and so it was no surprise to see him pick up the drum sticks at a mere five years old.... Louis has been jamming with Ellis since March 2011. Taught initially by his dad Danny and now by Dave Jones of Warwickshire County Music Services, he tables Ska and John Bradbury of The Specials as his biggest musical influences. He’s a dab hand on both the ukulele and guitar, when given a chance. Louie’s drumming is both taut and masterful.... His work underpins the musical tempo and force of Tan.Trum. When not addressing his drums and cowbell, you might find him in the kitchen. He is an awesome baker of cakes. ‘I can’t explain what it is about Tan.Trum’ he says; ‘It’s just got to be done’.

For Georgina Crump, little did she know that her casual bass guitar lessons would see her end up in Tan.Trum. Andy Walker of B.A.M asked ‘If she might be interested in joining a band’. She did join on precisely the 13th of January 2013. That date has been etched in her mind ever since and is now the subject of a track on the band’s second EP, 1301… Suffice to say, she hasn’t looked back since and it goes without saying that her musical skills have gone through the roof as a Bass player. Oh... And let us not forget, as a vocalist as well. Georgie, as she likes to be known,  keeps going, just keeps learning. Her musical knowledge and skills know no bounds. The result, clearly, of awesome and amazing mentors such as Jake Collins, Steve George and, of course, Andy Walker.

And so the tables turn, now with her own regular retinue of students, to whom Georgie diligently teaches bass guitar, work on Tan.Trum continues with live shows, song writing, rehearsals and  recording. Due to start her Diploma course in Artistic Development - Bass - at BIMM Brighton this September, it seems there’s no stopping Georgie. Will Tan.Trum become a regular on the South Coast? You’ll have to check out the BN1 listings to see… We think they will…